Thursday, September 20, 2018

Crazy Quilting has taken over my life!

I've decided to join the 2020 crazy quilt challenge.  (More info here: )  It involves making a crazy quilt with 2020 different elements.

To prep for it, I made an embroidery sampler with all the stitches I could find (minus a few I just can't get along with), and someone suggested I make photos of the sampler available to anyone who wants them.  So, here are photos of all the pages.

You should be able to click on a photo to get to the larger image, then right-click on it and save it to your computer.

I've also created a .pdf document but can't figure out a way to get that on the blog, so if you'd like that, let me know.


  1. Yes pls I'd love the PDF email

  2. Wonderful idea! Would you please send me the PDF What fabric did you use for the sampler? Thanks for sharing your work with us.

  3. Could you send me the PDF too? Thanks.

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  5. If you still have it, could you please send me the pdf? I’d love to study it in detail.