Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gail's Quilt

My friend Gail has created some wonderful fabric from photos she took and manipulated and she asked me to make a wall hanging from the fabric. Hot diggity!

So that she (and anyone else who is interested) can see how it's progressing, I'm posting pictures here. Here's the fabric:

Here it is divided into two groups (the quilt will have two kinds of blocks, half from squares and half from triangles):

Now I'm ready to cut the fabric:

All cut to 7" squares:

And now, all cut up and ready to sew!

Blocks are sewn together, and rows are sewn. Compare the black in between the blocks to the white in between the rows. Which one do you like?

Here's the top sewn together:

Now the quilt is on the frame, ready to be quilted:

That's quite a contraption, isn't it?


And now, drumroll please, the final product:

Can't really tell much difference from the top ready to be quilted in that small a photo, but the quilting is done and the binding is on. It's ready to go.

Goodbye, quilt!

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  1. Love it! The black sashing really makes the fabric POP. Keep up the great work, Ms. Sue. Who is this Gail? Does she have a day job?! :)